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Educational Building in Porto Alegre - RS

Execution by Global Works Contract


Pan American School




557,00 m²

Architectural project

Santini & Rocha Arquitetos








The work of new Panamerican's Rooftop was an old dream of the school, which needed more open areas for children. 

It was a work carried out with the school in operation, and a precise planning of the schedule stages was necessary. The first stage was the installation of the construction site on the adjacent plot, with a temporary stair within the standards required by Workplace Safety and DRT.

Subsequently, structural reinforcements were made to allow the use of the roof slab as a rooftop.

These reinforcements were made under the slab, inside the existing mineral ceiling, which had to be withdrawn and rebuilt. At the same time, above the slab, the old roof was removed and a waterproofing with a double blanket adhered was carried out. 

Above the blanket, a 10cm thick concreting to reinforce the subfloor was carried out. Edge beams were also concreted to support the peripheral metallic structure. Between the subfloor and the waterproofing, a layer of EPS was installed to improve the thermal and acoustic aspects, because classrooms are located on the floor below.

Above the subfloor, a synthetic grass and a special floor for children's sports practice were installed. In the center of the slab, an access to the Rooftop with a metallic structure was made and the slab being executed with prefabricated concrete lattice panels. This specification was done to guarantee the same standard as the other works carried out by MSR Engenharia at Panamerican.

The continuation of the existing stair, in metallic structure, with basalt steps was built. An important detail is the lining of the metallic volume, made in Jatobá wood, with blades in different directions. This lining is protected by a polycarbonate cover hidden in the structure.

Finally, it is another space delivered on time and standards required, with architectural quality, according to the purpose of MSR Engenharia to build architecture.



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