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Nexteer Factory

Industrial Buildings in Porto Alegre

Execution by Works Contract


Nexteer Automotive




Architectural project

AT Arquitetura






Nexteer's work is a big improvement of infrastructure in a traditional multinational company.

The main benefit of this project is the well-being of employees. The cafeteria and changing rooms in one block and the administrative building with two floors in a second block will be qualified.

The architecture is inspired by the original design of the factory, with natural lighting sheds. In the current proposal, these elements are used in a new and contemporary language, with use of materials such as metallic structure, exposed blocks and tile coating.

It was a challenge where MSR participated actively since the competition stage, proposing engineering solutions to make the project economically viable, balancing the aspects of economy, aesthetics, sustainability and durability.



The work uses solutions such as prestressed slab with wire rope. This solution allows larger spans without beam use. The slab is in exposed concrete, without ceiling, with good aesthetic finish.

The concrete blocks are also exposed and, this way, they were carefully executed by MSR so that there were no breaks. Whole parts or half-blocks were used, which considerably reduced waste and generation of residues.

Another detail is the polished concrete floor, which will be used without another coating on top. It was a design concept that allowed savings without affecting the architectural quality and functionality of the work.

In this work, in general, there is a rich combination of materials in their natural state that allows us to say that it is undoubtedly an engineering work with architectural value.


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