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The work of new Headquarters of Hemocord - Stem-Cell Storage Bank at Tecnosinos, in São Leopoldo, has a cryogenic storage room, with capacity for 12 tanks and processing screening and research rooms.


The Iso Class 5 Clean Room, with high particle control, essential in high precision laboratories, was executed with Air Conditioning systems with special filters and positive pressure control.

The tanks are cooled using nitrogen, which is stored in a big external tank.

The care on electrical installations and air conditioning are the most important points of this work carried out inside of pre-existing construction and with other commercial units in operation.


All the entire new Hemocord headquarters is supplied by a generator and UPS for exclusive use.

The project is from medical and hospital architecture Lucia Lisboa office.





Hemocord - Msr Engenharia-47.jpg

Hemocord - Stem-Cell Bank

Laboratory with a clean room and nitrogen bank

Execution by Global Works Contract





311,00 m²

Architectural project

Lúcia Lisboa - Arquitetura Médico Hospitalar






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Hemocord - Msr Engenharia.jpg
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