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G5 Competence

Corporate Environment in Porto Alegre - RS

Execution by Global Works Contract


G5 / Competence




504,00 m²

Architectural project

Lucas Rocha e Marina Varela


Yuri Panichi






The Competence Agency, part of the G5 Group of communication, had assitance from MSR Engenharia since the early stages in the construction planning process.

An initial architectural study and an estimated budget were carried out, thus a comparison of scenarios and alternatives was possible.

From then on, MSR Engenharia started a collaborative process that involved all departments of the company, defining needs, scope, materiality and at the same time bringing a budget in real time that allowed the choice of the most appropriate project for the purpose of Competence.

After all this previous involvement, the work that lasted approximately 03 months was started and resulted in a beautiful work environment, fully identified and customized for the agency.

The Competence agency is located on an entire commercial slab and has meeting rooms, ample wide space for employees and board rooms.


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MSR - Av Independencia 925 - 7 andar- Co
MSR - Av Independencia 925 - 7 andar- Co
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