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Educational Building in Porto Alegre - RS

Execution by Global Works Contract


Pan American School





796,00 m²


Architectural Project

Santini & Rocha Arquitetos


Marcelo Donadussi






With the perpective of increasing the number of students, the Panamerican School of Porto Alegre hired MSR to carry out expansion works and internal renovations. The works at schools require a planning according to the vacation period, which should be fully used.

A schedule was arranged according to the school's needs regarding the use of classrooms, noise, staff access and rigid security control. This way, MSR performed various internal services in the recess, including PPCI adequacy works, SPDA and started the execution of the Co-labs building.


The Co-labs building was built on top of an existing building, and a lot of extra care was needed. Shoring and re-shoring were required in the rooms below the expansion.

Extra protective and cleaning care to existing installations.

The expansion, in exposed concrete, was carried out with exposed flat lattice slabs and metallic structure on the top floor.


Waterproofing was carried out with a double layer adhered. Light Steel Frame solutions were used to meet deadlines and reduce construction waste.


On the facade, brise-soleil of model Hunterdouglas quadrobrise and dark gray PVC frames were installed. On the roof terrace, a garden with grass and plants and a railing with safety glass was executed.


O piso será em concreto polido, as esquadrias externas serão em PVC e as instalações elétricas e hidrossanitárias conforme projeto. O pavilhão terá pé direito livre de 10m.

É mais um importante projeto na área industrial sendo executado pela MSR Engenharia.

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