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Bioarea Headquarters

Commercial building renovation in Porto Alegre - RS

Management Execution


Bioarea - Soluções Ambientais




220,00 m²

Architectural project

Integra Studio


Marcelo Donadussi






The project consists of the renovation of a degraded residence for the implementation of the BIOAREA office, a company specialized in environmental licensing and consultancy. The goal was to enable a work with reduced budget with sustainable solutions that followed the company's concept. 


The house was deactivated and in a situation of neglect with several construction pathologies, infiltration problems, inoperative building installations, with no habitable conditions. There was a team's doubt about what could be maintained. That way the project started from an assessment of the existing structure and the level of intervention to be carried out.


The main structure and external masonry were maintained. The subfloor, internal finish and roof had to be remade. It was decided to keep the use of exposed clay tiles searching for a connection with the architectural language of the neighborhood, predominantly residential. 



In order to organize the layout of the work spaces, some internal walls were demolished and others were executed in drywall, creating integrated spaces. Since the electrical and hydraulic installations were not able to be reused, new ones were made in an exposed form, with no need to drill through walls.

The main facade searched, through the use of grápia wood panels, to establish an image connected with the company's activity. The other facades, after removing their external plaster, remained with the bricks of the original construction exposed. The existing iron frames were reused after restoration and new openings were created, following the same language of the others, promoting ample natural lighting in the work environments.


The old garden retreat was coated with a permeable concrete block floor, building space for visitor parking. Basalt tiles were used on the inner courtyard floor .

The client's expertise, composed of a team of biologists and environmental engineers, contributed to the definition of plant species introduced in the landscape. The existing trees were maintained. In the backyard, the old pool was grounded and transformed into an organic garden grown by the company employees.


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